Instances of Possible Gunplay Around Carthage


CARTHAGE, Miss.–Leake County deputies checked out at ;east two calls early Saturday about people with guns causing problems.

About 12:40 a.m. a woman called 911 and said that a person was following her on Hwy. 35 just south of Carthage, headed north, and flashing their lights. She told the dispatcher, according to scanner traffic, that the person fired a gun before turning onto Hwy. 487 toward Rosebud.

The Highway Patrol was dispatched to handle the call.

Man With a Gun Reported During Break-In

A break-in was reported on Pickens Circle, which is just east of Hwy. 35 and north of Carthage. The caller told police that a man with a gun was inside the house. He left the house and was able to identify the person who was in the house.

The outcome of both incidents was unclear.