People With Guns Run Off


CARTHAGE, Miss.–Several people with guns, or at least who said they had guns, were run off from Huffman Rd., which is north of Carthage and east of Hwy. 35, Saturday evening.

Leake County deputies got several calls to come to the event, with the property owner telling them he was going to make anyone with guns leave. Across several hours time at least three people were made to leave, with the help of deputies.

The first call was a shots fired call. But, deputies determined that no shots were actually fired.

It wasn’t clear from police radio traffic exactly what kind of event was happening on the property.

At least two of the people who were made to leave said they had AR-15s. At that point people ran to their cars and left.

Apparently having had enough of the gun talk, the property owner asked deputies to come help clear everyone off the property at about 8 p.m.