The Peace Project is Coming!


The Peace Project will be presented by Pleasant Hill Church Of God this Sunday. Matt Hill, Pastor and event organizer was asked about the importance of the event and said “I believe it’s important because we become distracted and manipulated and that should never become more important than : Love, hope, peace and unity. I also believe it is our duty to protect and serve those who protect and serve us every day. The spirit of God is constantly pushing me to stay outside the boundaries that religion would set. Each step we take in the kingdom, on the pathway to the great commission offers light to the darkness and salt when things get real sour. We are salt and light. We are the church.”

The Peace Project- 6pm Sunday, June 28th, at Trustmark Park in Carthage. Included will be worship, prayer, and message. Support of Law enforcement will be acknowledged. It is free and open to the public.