Town of Walnut Grove Awarded $120,000 Recreational Trails Program Grant


The Town of Walnut Grove has been awarded a Recreational Trails Program Grant from the Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks in the amount of $120,000.
This is an 80/20 Grant. This is the second grant awarded the Town through this program in the last 6 years. The first was used to create the Walnut Grove Fitness Trail adjacent to the Walnut Grove Public Library.

This award is another step in the Town’s Healthy Walnut Grove Initiative. This project will construct a new 3,550 foot long 6’ wide trail that would utilize an old abandoned railroad bed and public lands to create a looped trail over a 14 acre open field connecting to the existing fitness trail residents to use for healthy living and general recreation. This is the first phase of new three-part recreational trail for this site.

The Town currently uses the property for its festival “South of the River Roux” which draws hundreds of residents and visitors. The more lengthy trail will give users a more scenic route. This trail will be pet friendly for any non-vicious breeds on a leash.

In the 1920’s the Town of Walnut Grove moved from “Old Town” to it’s present location, where the Tuscolameta Creek was channelized with a North and South Canal. The swamp was drained in order for the railroad to be constructed and multiple sawmills were erected in order for industry to thrive in the Town. The new trail will be built on portions of the old railroad bed and land where one of the multiple sawmills were located. The new trail will be named The “Tuscolameta Trail” which means Young Warrior in Choctaw. The Tuscolameta Trail would be part of an overall comprehensive plan for the development of the downtown area. The Town received a separate Small Municipalities grant from the State to upgrade sidewalks, build a Farmer’s Market Pavilion and Splash Pad in the downtown area which should start construction this Fall.

Construction should also begin this fall on this project after engineering and final design is completed. Professional Grant Management Services will administer the grant and Tice Engineering will handle the design and construction oversight.