Unity Prevailed at Carthage Peace Rally


A rally was held in Carthage at Trustmark Park on Sunday. Pastors and community leaders from all walks of life and denominations gathered to discuss race relations, and experiences of strength, hope, and the love of Jesus. Mayor Vivians led “Amazing Grace,” congregants layered across the grassy knoll followed. Then the leaders laid hands and prayed over the Mayor as the service closed. There were no riots. Peace and unity prevailed. Could revival be not so far away?


The Speakers

Joe Barber- Pastor of (CUMC) and event organizer, Mayor Vivians, Carthage Police Chief Coby Clay, James Nash Associate Pastor of Mt. Calvary Baptist, Arthur Maples Pastor of Wesley Chapel United Methodist, Maurice Hines Associate Pastor of Tribulation Baptist, Matt Hill, Pastor Pleasant Hill Church of God, Guy Odom Pastor Of Sunrise Baptist, Dwayne Bloodshaw Pastor of Pilgrim Rest, Wesley Griffin Pastor of Midway Baptist, Mark Bowman Pastor of West Carthage, Dr. Larry Weathers, Pastor of Truelight Baptist.

(Audio- Mayor Vivians Singing Amazing Grace)