The Road to Recovery Has Begun


Well, its been 7 days since the onset of this severe inclement weather. The wind, water, ice, snow and arctic blast came through bringing single digit temperatures, and now its 64 degrees again. The road to recovery has begun. At one point there was almost a 100% outage in Neshoba and now fewer than 3,500 residents are without power. Leake faired better with around 4,000 total and now less than 100. Fallen trees, limbs and debris blanketed the community. Teams have started the cleanup. A local State of Emergency remains in effect for Neshoba at least another 30 days. And just as expected in Mississippi, people are rallying together to cleanup, provide food, clothing, showers and shelter to help one another. When one is down another always steps up to bridge the gap. and as many people have said in recent days, we will get through this, we are one community strong.