Arrest Made in Neshoba County for Illegal Dumping


A recent incident of illegal dumping in Neshoba County has led to the arrest of a suspect, thanks to vigilant community members and law enforcement.

On Monday morning, March 25th, the Neshoba County Sheriff’s Office received reports of an individual discarding a load of scrap wood into a roadside ditch along Road 610.

Eyewitnesses provided information, including photographs of the suspect, their vehicle, and license plate number, enabling deputies to locate and identify the perpetrator.

On Monday afternoon authorities intercepted the suspect’s vehicle within the city limits, where they were found with another load of wood intended for dumping.

The driver admitted to the initial dumping incident. They were arrested and taken to the Neshoba County Jail and charged for the illegal dumping. The suspect also committed to returning to the dump site upon release to clean up the discarded wood.

The Neshoba County Sheriff’s Office commends watchful community members in assisting with the apprehension of the suspect.

The Neshoba County Sheriff’s Office stated regarding this incident: “We are taking the littering and illegal dumping problem seriously in Neshoba County and are using all measures possible to charge and convict all who decide to trash our county.”