B-MO in the MO’rning – Mississippi: The Land of Giants (Audio)


(Brian Montgomery) This morning on Mississippi’s Morning Show of the Year, B-MO and Breck walked among “Giants”, as David and The Giants band members joined the show to discuss their album and the single that seems to hit closer to home in more ways than one.

David and The Giants were originally a rock band from Laurel Mississippi, who had a string of hits in the 60’s, in 1969 Keith Thibodeaux, a former child actor (He was “Little Ricky on the I love Lucy Show) and musician joined the band, and they began to walk their path with Christ which brought them to Christian music.

The band’s latest album “What Are You Waiting For”, originally was recorded 3 years ago, however one track on the album seems to ring true for the band and people all over the world with the crisis in Israel called “Don’t Mess With Israel” and they discussed it and the album this morning.

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Keith discusses his favorite songs from the album and the impact of the single “Don’t Mess with Israel”


A conversation with David