B-MO in the MO’rning – Memorable Moments of 2021 (AUDIO)


B-MO in the MO’rning – 2021 had it’s ups and downs, memorable and forgettable moment and something for everyone. With that being said, B-MO put together a list of Memorable Moments of 2021 and started it off with what makes him what he is and that’s his family! For his wife Yvonne it meant finally relocating to Kosciusko, after spending her entire life in Central California. While she had visited several times prior to moving and encountered the big freeze from earlier in the year and the tornado that hit Kosciusko, it wasn’t until her first day here that  she learned the “true meaning of terror” as a “alligator like creature” was lying outside the door, preventing her from leaving the house.

“I remember the panic in her voice as she was legitimately scared of it and wanted me to call an expert to remove it” Brian said when looking back in the call. “I did ask her to take a photo of it if she could get close enough without endangering herself and I contacted our local “ANIMAL EXPERT” Attala County FFA Director and Farmer’s Market Kenneth Georgia, who quickly identified the creature .

Unfortunately Mr. Georgia’s identification came too late and the “alligator like creature” was issued a air of wings to travel among the other “gecko angels”!

B-MO calls Kenneth Georgia as the identification took place