B-MO in the MO’rning – Memorable Moments of 2021 Mississippi’s Wild Weather


B-MO in the MO’rning – As we look back on the memorable moments of 2021, for Brian “B-MO” Montgomery one thing that sticks out more than any other was how crazy the weather in the place he’ll call home can be at the drop of the hat! “Coming in from California and Nevada, one might think they may have an understanding for crazy weather but in the 13 months I’ve been home, there’s been 2 tornadoes in Kosciusko, a major one in Louisville and not one but two severe cold spells, one with seven inches of snow and five inches of ice” Brian said. The importance of news and weather for this region is so vital to the residents and between the station websites for Kicks and Cruisin 98 news, along with our sister station Breezy 101 and the collected efforts of our Emergency Management Directors, the National Weather Service, WLBT Meteorologist Patrick Ellis and the joint effort of Breck, myself and now Randy Bell, I feel we will be ready, willing and able when the moment arises.



The snowfall in early January was just a prelude to what would come in February. Closures would effect city and county offices. Schools and businesses shut down in order to keep the roadways as cleared as possible throughout the four counties and WLBT’s Patrick Ellis was there for Breck and I to help spread the news as to what Central Mississippi had better prepare itself for. Having two incredible and easily accessible Emergency Management Directors like we do in Attala County’s Danny Townsend, as well as Leake County’s Tommy Malone definitely helps relaying information easy as well. Then add in the experience and informative Patrick Ellis from WTBL in Jackson gives Boswell Media a 1,2,punch that most stations don’t!


The weird weather carried into the summer months as Hurricane Ida may not have called major damage in Central Mississippi, the Microburst that followed caused major damage throughout Attala County, including structural damage on and near the square in Kosciusko and Boswell Media Radio station as well.


WLBT Meteorologist Patrick Ellis describes the difference between the snow fall on January 11th and the freeze that hit Central Mississippi on Valentine’s Day


Former Boswell Media News Anchor Chris Davis interviews Ashley Davis, Eric Carpenter from the National Weather Service and Attala County Emergency Director Danny Townsend about the “Micro Burst” that came through Kosciusko

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