B-MO in the MO’rning – Monday February 7th – The week is already off to “Rocky” start and bonus materials (Audio)


B-MO in the MO’rning – Well coming off of a HUGE weekend of SPRA Rodeo Finals, we got off to a “Rocky” start as we recapped the “Rocky Balboa” like performance after Philadelphia Mississippi native Buddy Monk’s horse came out of the chute backwards and injured his knee. He hobbled off the arena floor and looked to be done for the night. The judges offered him a re-ride, which everyone I spoke with wasn’t sure he could physically perform, but he did and scored a score in the mid 70’s to finish his night. I gave him the chance to thank those most important to his success as well which you can hear along with Buddy describing the accident in the audio clip below.



We rolled out another set of back-to-back favorites from George Strait with “Strait at 8” brought to you by Chuck’s Paint & Body Shop, accidents happen and when they do you need a plan and that man with the plan would be Chuck! Visit them in person at 1181 Rd 383 in Philadelphia or call them at 610-416-3830. Chuck’s Paint & Body Shop, not only sponsor of “Strait at 8”, but sponsor of your Dixie Nationals tickets with tickets to see either Neal McCoy Thursday February 17th at 7pm or Gary Allan on February 18th. Listen for details coming soon!


Bonus content – Today’s Text and Tones question of the day was as follows “What is something you have done recently that you are proud of”, and we asked you to call or text the Kicks 96 Country Club Hotline at 601-389-1967 and here’s what went down this morning!