B-MO in the MO’rning – Monster Trucks, Maren Morris, The M.I.A. and More (Audio)


B-MO in the MO’rning – Last time on B-MO in the MO’rning we had more M&M’s than they do at the Sunflower Grocery store. We got it started with the big announcement on how you can win a 6 pack of tickets as the Monster Truck Nitro Tour is coming to the Coliseum in Jackson on Saturday January 22nd! The event features monster trucks going head to head, high flying motocross action and more. Listen to win your tickets and pit passes soon or to get them without the wait, purchase your tickets through ticketmaster.com.

Listen to win your Monster Truck Nitro Tour tickets


The M.I.A. (which stands for Montgomery Intelligence Agency, which is an agency that informs Brian of all acts of stupidity, misbehavior by teenagers, gossip or topics that interest Brian’s wife and nobody else seriously.) A text was received by the M.I.A. informing Brian that his teenaged son was grounded due to an act of stupidity which lead to the creation of our “Text and Tones Topic Question of the Day which was “What was the stupidest thing you can remember getting grounded for”?


Maren Morris talked about her latest single “Circles Around This Town” and how collaborating with fellow singer / song writer Julia Michaels, her husband Ryan Hurd and Jimmy Robbins.


Maren discusses how self referential the new song is and how thankful she was to have Julia Michaels with her on the project


Maren discusses what she brings to a writing session.