Update – Black Ice Alert and Safety Tips


Black ice could be in the forecast for late night in to morning. EMA Director Tommy Malone says according NWS “we will probably start dropping below freezing around 10-11:00. Between 1am and until around 6-7:00 temperatures will drop into lower 20’s. We could likely see some re-freeze of any moisture still on roadways especially in low lying areas or under areas where trees might cover road and water drips on roadway. It is possible that wet areas on the road will freeze resulting in black ice causing hazardous conditions. Temperatures should rise above freezing around 9:00-10:00 am tomorrow morning.”  So hazardous conditions should improve by mid day.

Safety Precautions For Black Ice Conditions

*Black Ice can form on any road, but also along curbs and drainage areas.
*It is more prevalent at night but can also morning time.
*Don’t drive during freezing temperatures, especially after rain or snow melt.
*Don’t use cruise control
*Drive slowly
*Be extra alert at dusk and dawn