Carthage Named Safe City For Preborn Children


Carthage has been named a Safe City for preborn children. The resolution was passed at the recent Carthage City Council meeting.  Pastor Jose Freyre of Los Americas Church, presented the petition for Carthage to stand for life. He stated “as you know abortion is a great evil taking place in our land. One way to take a stand for life is by asking for our city to be a safe city and saying no to abortion in our land. I think by being that it will be a great influence to the leadership of our state for the abortion clinic to be closed.” Alderwoman Laurie Henderson made the motion to adopt the resolution for Carthage to become a safe city for preborn children and defend the unalienable right to life at every stage of development. Mayor Vivians moved to vote. The decision was unanimous.

Following the meeting, Alderwoman Henderson said she felt like we needed something like this resolution for Carthage to be a Safe City for preborn children and urged citizens to promote this because the unborn are innocent human beings. She went on to say “it is very important to me.”

Carthage becomes the 12th City in Mississippi to adopt this right to life position. For more information about this grass roots effort see link below.

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