Carthage Police Chief Clay Talks ATV Safety Restrictions and Usage Guidelines


ATV usage has been on the rise in Carthage, along with community concern regarding speeding, recklessness, and recent accidents.We reached out to Police Chief Coby Clay for updates and official word on ATV safety restrictions and usage guidelines. Chief Clay said “ATV’s are for off road use only, not for city street driving or highways. The city is enforcing safety restrictions to minimize injuries, accidents or possibly getting killed. There are state regulations for usage. The request is that they stay off the roads. If the problem continues we will have the ATV towed. If the person is under age, we take the child home. If you are an adult, citations will be issued. And if a person decides to flee on an ATV, it is a motorized vehicle, so the person will be charged with felony fleeing as well. Our main concern is not to hinder the public but we must ensure that they are safe and that drivers don’t have to worry about hurting someone else or damaging property.”

Chief Clay also said “if you see kids on ATV’s and there is concern, reach out to the parents or just reach out to the Carthage Police Department. Ask them to patrol the area. I think our presence will help minimize the problem.”

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