Carthage Police Department Gets Three Vehicles for The Price of Two


The Carthage Police Department has acquired three updated, restored vehicles. And Police Chief Coby Clay said “it wasn’t one man, one department, but a group effort. The need was evident but the coming together of the minds is where the true magic happened.” Long in need of additional patrol cars, Chief Clay sought and got approval from the Carthage Board of Aldermen and the Mayor at the most recent meeting. The approval granted $43,817 for two cars. City Clerk Penny Spears and Investigator Taylor Parker were involved on the project plan as well.  Lt. Chase Quimby researched and located the cars for sale in Chicago, finding three for the price of the two that were authorized within the budget. Chief Clay, Officer Brad Horn, and Officer Kyle Culpepper made the quick flight to Chicago and drove the cars back. ‘Within the next three weeks, a 2015 plus a couple of 2016 Dodge Chargers will be fully loaded and on the road in Carthage,” Chief said.


Photo) Chief Clay, Lt. Quimby, Officer Horn, and one Dodge Charger.