Carthage Police Department Talks Community Safety


Recent crime increase in our area has brought attention to how we can work together with law enforcement to protect our community. We spoke with some members of Carthage Police Department who shared some proactive measures for staying safe. Lt. Chase Quimby said “if you see something say something. If you see something that’s not right, that’s out of place, it’s one phone call. And if you don’t want your name to be mentioned, you can do it anonymously.” Officer Brad Horn said the biggest thing I can say is lock your car doors. We have seen a lot of car burglaries lately. Lock your cars, in the day, and at night lock them.” And Chief Coby Clay said “every aspect of your property you work hard for and found it important enough to purchase, so take the added measures of locking your home, doors, windows, storage sheds, anything of that nature that needs protecting.  He also said “just pay extra attention to the things around you and the people around you, just really take a notice of your environment. It may ensure safety for you, your personal belongings, and possibly protect someone else.”

And if you have any questions or concerns call the Carthage Police Department at 601-267-8011