Central Electric Restoration Continues


Date: February 22, 2021
Update: 10:30 A.M.
Central Electric Restoration Efforts Continue
Central Electric Power Association experienced sustained power outages throughout its
seven county service area. The damage caused from not one, but two winter ice storms was
significant. We understand the hardship of being without power for an extended length of
time and we are truly grateful for your continued patience.
Central Electric Power Association has over 160 workers in the field. Crews from electric
cooperatives in Mississippi, Alabama, and Arkansas arrived on Saturday to assist our crews
to restore power to our members without electric service. We are proud of the tireless efforts
of our crews as they continue to work until every member once again has power.
Today, we have crews working in the following communities/areas in the Sebastopol and
Philadelphia districts:
*Arlington *Spring Creek *Bond *Sandtown
*East of Ford’s Store *Hester Farm *Antioch Church *Hopewell Church
*McClain Chapel *Fairgrounds *Pearl River *Little Rock
*Hwy 16 E of Philadelphia *Pleasant Grove *Hazel *Dixon
*Hwy 19 S of House *Linwood *Conehatta
*Hwy 15 S
As of Monday at 10:30 a.m., there are 4,065 members without electric service. The following
is a breakdown of the outages by county:
* Kemper County – 54
* Leake County – 83
* Attala County – 17
* Neshoba County – 3,267
* Newton County – 602
* Rankin County – 1
* Scott County – 41
To report an outage, please visit www.centralepa.com and click on Report an Outage or call
(601) 267-3043.
As a safety reminder, please stay away from downed power lines. We ask for your patience
as we continue working through this restoration process.
Central Electric Power Association serves over 36,000 accounts in a seven-county area in
central Mississippi, including Attala, Kemper, Leake, Neshoba, Newton, Rankin and Scott