Central Mississippi Gas Cheaper Than the National Average


DURANT, Miss.–The average price for gas in Mississippi is $2.70 this morning. That’s 37 cents cheaper than the national average, says Gasbuddy. But, it’s more expensive if you’re getting gas along I-55.

If you’re in Carthage, you’re paying about $2.62. Philly has it generally in the $2.70s. It’s more expensive out on the interstate. $2.88 in Pickens and $2.95 in Durant at I-55.

Mississippi has caught a break in the past few months, while people in many other parts of the country have been paying a lot more. Patrick DeHaan, senior petroleum analyst at Gasbuddy.com, said that tend will likely continue.

“As the number of Covid cases continues to surge globally, oil prices continue to be under pressure due to some countries instituting travel and movement limitations. This limits oil demand, which has led to the increase in gas prices slowing, and many states seeing slight drops compared to prices a week ago,” said De Haan,

He said that Mississippi usually has some jumps in price in the summer due to hurricane season, which hasn’t happened yet, because of the relatively low number of storms.