Coronavirus Numbers Continue Downward Trend


PHILADELPHIA, Miss.–Coronavirus cases continue on a downward trend, with 704 cases reported in the past day, and 21 more deaths. One of those deaths was in central Mississippi, in Neshoba County.

It should be noted that the seemingly low number (compared to single days in the past few weeks), may be attributed to some testing sites being closed on the Labor Day holiday. The number could be comparatively higher today.

State health officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs Tweeted that he sees a pattern of decline developing.

“Light at the end of the tunnel? Please stay safe. Health system still overburdened. And sadly, many more will die unnecessarily,” he said.

Some hospitals have reported a slight easing in the number of coronavirus patients they are treating. Still, some health experts warn that there may be no cause for celebration, and as Dobbs Tweeted, are urging people to get vaccinated and stay safe.