Coronavirus Slowing Down and a Success in Mississippi


CARTHAGE, Miss.–The number of coronavirus cases slowing down in Mississippi, with 1,669 new cases reported across the state in the past day. But, deaths have stayed steady.

Sixty-one people were reported dead in the past day, including one person in Attala County, one person in Holmes County and two in Scott County.

While Mississippi’s overall vaccination rate remains one of the lowest when compared to the rest of the country, the state health officer says he’s proud that one group has had considerable success in getting the shot.

Forty percent of African-Americans in Mississippi have gotten the coronavirus vaccine, reports Dr. Thomas Dobbs. He gives credit to faith leaders and community leaders who have put on vaccine drives, like the one last weekend in Carthage.

Vaccine hesitancy has been prevalent in the Black community for several reasons. One most often cited is a mistrust in government and vaccines.