Covid-19 Vaccines Being Administered as First 425 Doses are Delivered to Choctaw Health Center

COVID-19 vaccines are officially being administered at Choctaw Health Center. 425 doses have been delivered with the first 100 on schedule to be completed before end of day today. We reached out to Misty Brescia of MBCI who said the the first phase will provide vaccines to CHC employees. According to an MBCI release, those employees are not required to take the vaccine yet over one third of the staff has already agreed to do so. And Chief Ben said “as we receive this first wave of vaccine, I want us to remember all those who we have lost to COVID. This first batch of the vaccine will be provided to health personnel working on frontline of the pandemic. Soon all our Tribal members will receive this vaccine. May this be the first step in healing and wellness of our people from this disease and global pandemic.”

 Update- From Misty Brescia- Choctaw Health Center had three stations and three employees were given the vaccine at the exact same time. The first three to receive the vaccine were Cynthia Johnson, Liasha Alex and Charlotte Sam.