Crawfish Boil for Josh Pilgram this Saturday Update!


B-MO in the MO’rning – UPDATE – The crawfish boil benefit for cancer patient Josh Pilgram is now taking place on SATURDAY APRIL 2nd. The event will take place at 2pm Macedonia Revival Center of Philadelphia, MS

$25/person (unlimited)
3lb /$25 to go

(Josh was diagnosed with rectal cancer on February 16, 2022. At first, they thought the cancer was contained in one spot but after a PET Scan, they found a small spot on his right lung. He is completing radiation treatments and taking chemo daily. Once every two weeks he is given a strong chemo infusion to hopefully kill any cancer cells that might be floating around his body that can’t be seen and to target the spot on the lung. He will continue treatments until late April and surgery to remove the tumor is planned for early June. This is his second battle with cancer in the past 8 years.

Josh is 40, a husband, and has a 12-year-old son. For more information on the broil click here and you can also buy a ticket for 200lbs of ground beef thanks to The SOUTHERN BUTCHER (a new butcher shop opening soon) for more info on that click here!