Dobbs: 72 Babies Stillborn; Monocolonal Treatment in Central Miss.


PHILADELPHIA, Miss.–Monocolonal antibody treatments are available in every county in central Mississippi, and for now the federal government in footing the bill, according the Miss. Dept. of Health’s website.

“So to protect the moms and also to protect our babies, we need to prevent COVID infection and we need to look at getting the antibodies if pregnant women get COVID,” said state health officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs, in a Thursday briefing.

LINK: A list of 249 places that offer monocolonal antibody treatments

He said 72 babies have been still born during the pandemic from causes related to COVID, and 15 pregnant women have died from COVID in the past year and a half.

State epidemiologist Dr. Paul Byers said Mississippi is still in the thick of the pandemic, despite some of the daily counts dropping.

Sixty-five people were reported dead from COVID over the past day in the state. That includes one person in Leake County, one in Neshoba County and one person in Newton County.