DUIs, Reckless Driving, and False Pretense in Neshoba Arrests


TERRY JAMES ADAMS, 36, of Carthage, Failure to Appear, NCSO.  Bond $0.


A MOMIT ABI BELL, 39, of Philadelphia, Felony Indictment, NCSO.  Bond $10,000.


DANARIO DWIGHT BELL, 42, of Philadelphia, No Driver’s License, Hold for Other Agency, NCSO.  Bond $300, $0.


SAMUEL CAINE BELL, 37, of Philadelphia, Contempt of Court X 2, NCSO.  Bond $0 X 2.


TERRELL JORDAN BEN, 23, of Philadelphia, Reckless Driving, NCSO.  Bond $500.


DERRICK CARTER, 44, of DeKalb, Failure to Appear, NCSO.  Bond $0.


DAVID CHRISTIAN, 25, of Philadelphia, False Pretense, NCSO.  Bond $600.


APRIL CLARK, 31, of Philadelphia, Contempt of Court.  Bond $0.


JEFFERY CLEMONS, 33, of Philadelphia, DUI – Other Substance, Possession of a Controlled Substance, MHP.  Bond $1,500, $800.


BRANDON JOSEPH ELLIS, 28, of Newton, DUI – 2nd, Suspended Driver’s License, NCSO.  Bond $2,500, $800.