Election Day: Candidates for State Senate District 32


LOUISVILLE, Miss.–If Sampson Jackson was your state senator, you will elect a replacement today. State Senate District 32 includes parts of Winston County and areas east of Philadelphia, including Kemper County.

Our newsgathering partners at WTOK News Center 11 spoke with eight of the nine candidates for the seat.


“Giving the people quality leadership, being accountable for their money. Knowing that I am the servant to go there serving the people. As Christians, we are servants, as elected officials we are servants. Some people get it twisted, confused in some kind of way. But I want to be there for all the people,” said candidate W.J. Coleman.

“I’d like to see improvements in economics and education. For economics I’d like to see job training paired with industry needs, for example, right now we have a mass shortage of truck drivers across the United States. On education I want to make sure our teachers have the most competitive salary packages of neighboring states or anywhere in the U.S. if possible,” said candidate, Stan Copeland.

“We need someone representing district 32 that’s going to be able to work across party lines and go down there and do some compromise and bring what’s best back to district 32. We need to look at the infrastructure. Our roads, our bridges, and our highway and mental health is a big issue in the state of Mississippi. We need more facilities, and we need to put more money in our mental health,” said candidate, James Creer.

“To recruit real industry to this area. It’s going to take partnerships between all local government entities. I’m willing to work with whoever I need to work with to bring prosperity to this area. I have relationships with local leaders. I have relationships with state and congressional leadership,” said candidate, Justin Curtis Creer.

“My forte is going to be healthcare. I’m constantly lecturing, why can’t we have some type of preventative healthcare where we budget for things like a nutritionist, say a dietician, say a trainer and all into one program,” said candidate, Minh Duong.

“I want to make sure that I’m visible in each county. I want to get there. I need to know the needs of the people. It’s important for me to know what the people need because this is not a position that’s me as a representative position, I represent the people and so one of the things I would definitely want to do is get into each one of these counties see what the needs of the people are and make those things happen,” said candidate, Rod Hickman.

“People should vote for me Kim Houston because I have the experience, I have a strong voice, and I have a passion. I promise my commitment to you is to be visible, accessible, and approachable so you can hold me accountable,” said candidate Kim Houston.

“I want to make an effective change for Mississippi. Mississippi has so much more than being 50th. I want to see our state be number one in everything. Education, foster care, everything, job creation. We have much better to offer than what our state is perceived,” said candidate, Bradley Joseph Sudduth.

Candidate Keith Jackson did not comment.

You must bring a voter ID or cast an affidavit ballot. Polls close at 7 p.m.