Family of missing Philadelphia man asks for help bringing him home- VIDEO


45-year old Santo Short was reported missing to the Philadelphia Police Department in December after friends and family had not seen or heard from him in several days.

“On Thanksgiving, he was dropped off at a house on Loper Street. Nobody has seen or heard from him since. We have a few leads that we are working on, but nothing concrete,” said Investigator Josh Ray.

Short’s younger brother Terry described his brother as a kind man and loving father.

“He’s a good person. He has a good heart. If he feels like he can help you, he will. My brother always has good intentions and anyone he’s involved with, he’s going to try and help them the best way he can,” said Short.

Short said his family is very worried, because it’s not like his brother to disappear for an extended amount of time without contacting anyone.

“When my sister called me crying, she took it hard when my mom passed and there’s only 4 of us kids left so for our big brother being missing that’s a hard pain to swallow because that’s our oldest brother,” said Short.

Short also had a message for anyone who has information about his brother.

“If you are watching this and can hear us or if anyone watching that could hear us, please let us know that our brother is okay, because like I said we just lost our mother and at Christmas time, it’s real hard for us right now to be grieving that something might be wrong with our brother. His kids are worried, my sister is worried. I am worried.”

In a phone interview, Short’s aunt, Lisa Short said she will not stop looking for answers until her nephew is found.

If you have any information on Santo Short’s whereabouts, contact the Philadelphia Police Department or your local Crimestoppers