First Responders in Leake Busy with Flood-Related Incidents All Morning


Leake County residents reported lots of flooding Wednesday morning as well as several fallen trees. First responders in the area were dispatched all over the county to assist with everything from wrecked vehicles and fallen trees to people trapped in their homes due to rising flood waters. Calls began coming in around 3:35 a.m. and didn’t slow down until about 9 a.m.

Parts of Big Springs Rd, Craig Rd, Old Walnut Grove Rd, Arthur Rd, Goshen Rd, and Cherry Chapel Rd have been reported to be closed. Big Springs Rd and Old Walnut Grove Rd have large culverts that have washed out.

Photos submitted to Boswell Media of flooding can be found below.

Trees were reported to be down in the following areas:

  • Coosa Rd/Irwin Rd intersection
  • Tom Ward Rd
  • Hopoca Rd near Murphy Rd
  • Roberts Rd
  • Hwy 488 near Hwy 35
  • Natchez Trace near Whalen Rd
  • Hwy 488 between Galilee Rd and Freetrade Church of God
  • Hwy 25 South near Coal Bluff
  • Galilee Rd
  • Hwy 429 near Hwy 43 in Thomastown
  • Hwy 487 East at Zion Rd

Roads reported to be flooded in the following areas:

  • Barnes Rd
  • Rice Creek Rd
  • Littlefield Rd
  • Craig Rd
  • Coosa Rd
  • South Pearl St behind Jr. Food Mart
  • Arthur Rd
  • Goshen Rd
  • Old Walnut Grove Rd
  • Cherry Chapel Rd
  • Reformation Rd
  • Midway Rd near Hwy 25
  • Whit Alford rd
  • Hwy 16 E near Bobo’s House Movers
  • Big Springs Rd
  • Risher Rd
  • Battle Bluff Rd
  • Indian Branch Rd
  • Drysdale Rd
  • Cummins Rd
  • Laurel Hill Rd
  • Remus Rd
  • Kerr Rd
  • Old Canton Rd
  • East Franklin St near Arbor Acres
  • Pilgrim Rest Rd
  • Kelly Kincaid Rd
  • Zion Rd

Wrecks reported:

  • 5:06 a.m. – One vehicle crash at the intersection of Hwy 25 and Hwy 35. The vehicle reportedly flipped, but no one was injured.
  • 5:59 a.m. – A vehicle hydroplaned off Hwy 25 South near Drysdale Rd. No one was injured.
  • 6:15 a.m. – A vehicle left the roadway on Hwy 25 near Wiggins Loop Church and crashed. No injuries were reported.
  • 6:23 a.m. – A wrecked vehicle was left on Big Springs Rd. This road was reported to be especially flooded and dangerous.
  • 7:08 a.m. – A vehicle left the road and crashed into some trees on Old Salem Road. No injuries were reported.
  • 7:09 a.m. – A person with a child in the vehicle became trapped between flooded areas of Old Canton Rd. The two are now safe.
  • 7:18 a.m. – A two-vehicle crash occurred on Laurel Hill Rd at the intersection of Hwy 488. No one was injured.
  • 8:07 a.m. – A utility worker called to report a woman and child stranded in a vehicle on Zion Rd near Zion Church. The vehicle stalled after driving through flood waters. The two are now reported to be safe.
  • 8:35 a.m. – A vehicle went off the road into a ditch on East Franklin St near Debra St when the driver attempted to make it through flood waters.

Home Rescues:
Indian Branch Rd
Battle Bluff Rd
Kelley Kincaid Rd
Pilgrim Rest Rd

Leake County Deputies, Carthage Police, County Fire Departments, Carthage Fire Department, Emergency Dispatchers, Emergency Management, Paramedics, EMTs, and everyday citizens worked hard to keep everyone safe.

Big Springs Rd, Leake County
*Michael Gilmer
Hwy 16 East near Edinburg
*Shawn Lewis
Tuscolameta Creek rising, Walnut Grove
*Walnut Grove Facebook
Hwy 35 North, Carthage
Coosa Rd & Rice Creek Rd, Leake County
*Anna Smith




Lee’s Steakhouse, Sebastopol
Pearl Hill Rd, Leake County
*Anna Smith
Walnut Grove *Walnut Grove Facebook