Fraud Warning from The Mississippi Department of Employment Security


The Mississippi Department of Employment Security has released a warning about fraud and scamming. MDES has been receiving reports about fraudulent emails circulating which claim to be from USDOL or the Federal Government. These emails refer to unemployment benefits. If you have received an email from [email protected], report it to MDES immediately . You could be a victim of UI Fraud. And By the way, the Federal Government will never contact claimants directly. For more information see below.

Tips to Protect Yourself from Fraud:
1)-Remember to never share your SSN on social media or with non-trusted sources.
2)-For accurate information regarding Unemployment Insurance in Mississippi, only use trusted resources. Avoid social media groups or outside entities that claim to be able to assist you. If the option is not listed on, it may be a scam or could be used for fraudulent activity.
3)-Report any suspicious activity or messages by visiting,