from The Desk Of Tate Reeves- Stricter Guidelines for 7 Mississippi Counties


from The Desk of Tate Reeves

We cannot continue to take a sledgehammer to COVID-19 in this country. We have to be surgical. The human cost of every protective measure is real, and so is the deadly risk of the disease. Today, I signed an order to put stricter measures on 7 counties in Mississippi to help slow the spread there.

Attala, Leake, Scott, Jasper, Neshoba, Newton, and Lauderdale are the counties. There are several requirements in the EO. For example: They will need to have masks for all workers, screen even more, and residents will have to wear masks in stores and at outdoor public events.

That region has a higher burden of disease than anywhere else in the state. We’ve investigated hundreds more cases in those areas than even the higher-populated area surrounding the Jackson metro.

The threat is still real statewide. Take it seriously everywhere. I hope that these rules will be effective, but that they will also serve as an alarm for people there. You need to be extra aware. Your personal resolve and actions are more impactful than any order.

We are going to continue to make decisions based on data, not emotion. Please stay strong and stay in the fight. As we reopen, your personal responsibility rises. I know you are up to the task.

Stay safe and God bless, Mississippi.