It wasn’t his to burn – Leake County man arrested for burglary

Bruce Chambers, 85, of Carthage, Burglary-Breaking And Entering Dwelling House

Bruce Chambers was recently arrested and charged with Burglary – Breaking and Entering Dwelling House.  Chambers is said to have broken into his sister’s home while she was away at a medical center after a fall she recently suffered.

The break-in was discovered when a fire was reported at Chambers’ sister’s residence.  Deputies arrived to find a very large pile of what appeared to be household items that had been burned in the yard of the residence.

Chambers is said to have admitted to entering the residence and says that he went to clean up.  Chambers did not have permission or authority to be on the property.

Charges were filed against Mr. Bruce Chambers and he was arrested and booked into the Leake County Correctional Facility.  Chambers has since posted bond and is expected to appear in court in February.