Jamie Scott Dies; Why You Might Remember the Scott Sisters


PENSACOLA, Fla.–One of the Scott sisters has died. Jamie Scott died in Florida from COVID-19 complications last week, said her sister Gladys.

You might remember when Gov. Haley Barbour suspended their life sentences in 2010..  The two were convicted in 1994 for an armed robbery in Scott County, near Forest, where two men were lured into the woods and robbed.

The robbery, at gunpoint, netted $11, and life sentences for the sisters.

Barbour suspended the sentences on the condition that Gladys provide Jamie with one of her kidneys. While Jamie did have a kidney transplant, Gladys was unable to be the donor. Still, she asked for a full pardon.

The two founded “Sisters of Hope”, which is a re-entry program for women in the criminal justice system.

“My sister was a fighter every day of her life, and I will continue her fight not only for her – not just for what she stood for and what she went through – but for what she and I represent, for what others have gone through and are still going through,” said Gladys Scott. “The fight’s not over until everyone is treated with dignity, respect, and justice.”