Judge Brian Burns sworn into Eighth Circuit Court District


Friday was a day of celebration at the Newton County Courthouse as Brian Burns was sworn in to serve as Judge for Mississippi’s Eighth Circuit Court District. Burns said he’s ready to get to work.

“People have asked me how I am going to approach it. It’s business as usual. There’s 22 circuit court districts in the state. None move more efficient than the eighth circuit court and I am going to maintain that,” said Burns.

Prior to Phil Governor Bryant’s appointment, Burns served as an Assistant District Attorney in the Eighth District.

During the ceremony, family, friends and colleagues gave Burns a little advice as he takes on this important position.

“Prayer. Lean on the lord. Cast all your burdens upon him. Pray pray pray. He will provide the answer. He will provide the answer,” said Burns.

Burns said he is humbled and excited to serve the people of the Eighth District.

“I’m very accessible. My office door will be open. My office will be back at the Decatur Courthouse. Phone call, schedule a meeting or just pop in. I am always going to be around. Open and accessible is what I’ll be,” said Burns.

Burns is a lifelong resident of the Eighth Circuit Court District. He attended Mississippi College School of Law where he graduated in 2011 with honors.