Kicks 96 gets new radio tower antenna after suffering “catastrophic” lightning strike- VIDEO


“We’ve been operating on the stand by for the past few months, but the good news is we’ve got a newly designed antenna transmission system that will be operational within the next 24 to 48 hours and Kicks 96 is going to be back up stronger than ever,” said Boswell.

Boswell said a lot of work has gone into repairing the tower and making sure it’s bigger and better.

“First there’s the engineers that design the project and find the best way to do it and then you have the tower crew that does the physical work, pulling part of the antenna up. Then a final group of engineers will come out, put the final tuning on it and make sure it’s good to go,” said Boswell.

With the addition of the new antenna, Boswell said the tower will be 500 feet tall, making it the tallest in a four county area.