Kosciusko Bans Big Trucks on Small Streets


KOSCIUSKO, Miss.–If you drive a big truck, Kosciusko’s mayor says heed the warning. In one month the new ordinance goes into effect.

“Any truck over three axles or over 26,001 lbs., will not be allowed on any city street unless they have business there such as delivery,” said Kyle on Breezy101’s “Minute With the Mayor”.

A violation comes with a fine. That doesn’t count for garbage trucks or school buses or any vehicles with business on city streets.

The ordinance had been considered for several months and was passed the by Board of Alderman Tuesday. Their main concern is the condition of the streets and how the heavy trucks wear out the pavement, and also how they’ve put ruts in yards and have even taken out signs trying to make wide turns in small places.