Kosciusko Mayor: When the Streets Will Likely Be Paved


KOSCIUSKO, Miss.–You can expect to see the steamrollers and smell the fresh asphalt either in December or around the first of the year in Kosciusko. The city will be using some bond money to make much-needed improvements on some of the main thoroughfares and select side streets.

“I would like to see some of the major streets through town: Wells, Jackson, different streets that are main streets in our community that everybody uses, I’d like to see those paved,” said Mayor Tim Kyle, on Breezy101’s “Minute With the Mayor”.

Kyle said he discussed that with alderman at the board meeting last week in anticipation of receiving that $3.5 million in bond money some time in December.

Kyle noted that no definite plans have been made yet, but he’s wanting the board members to start thinking about what needs to be paved. Kyle said he’d like to see those main streets get priority.

“Then, whatever’s left in the pot, I told the aldermen I’d like to divide it up in their four wards and then they choose what they would like to see paved in their own wards.”

Kyle said he’s concerned about preserving streets that are already damaged and cracked with the proposed “No Thru Trucks” ordinance being considered by the board, which would fine the drivers of big trucks for coming through town without specific business there.