Kyle Craig Murder Brings Attention to Transactional Concerns in our Community


The recent murder of Kyle Craig, the young man who died while making a private ATV transaction in Holmes County, has brought statewide attention to tragedy and vulnerabilities of the world we live in and also concerns about how and where to buy and sell safely.

Leake Sheriff Randy Atkinson shares some safety and welfare tips around large purchases and also talks about opening his office parking lot to the community.

1)The best advise I can give is that if you want to do a transaction with someone you don’t know in another county, try to do it close to a police department or sheriff’s department in the parking lot or in sight of it. If it is a legitimate deal they won’t mind meeting somewhere in sight of law enforcement. They can even meet in our office parking lot for a transaction if needed.

2) If you are going to do a transaction, try to have someone with you. Have another pair of eyes.

3) Don’t allow anyone to come to your house for larger purposes

4) Check out the name and make sure the person and the sale are legitimate.

5) Call law enforcement if you have any concerns.