Lawmakers Discuss Eliminating the Income, Grocery Taxes


JACKSON, Miss.–Lawmakers met at the state capitol Wednesday to discuss the possible elimination of the state’s income and grocery taxes. The state legislature attempted to pass a bill that would have done that last year, but it did not pass.

That bill would have eliminated the taxes incrementally, over time. But, since over 30 percent of the state’s budget comes from the income tax, it would have meant that you would have had to pay the same amount in other ways.

Gov. Reeves did not support that bill, calling it “robbing Peter to pay Paul”.

However, Reeves did say he supports eliminating the income tax. So, a summer study committee was formed to study the possibilities.

“Right out of the gate 48 percent of the income tax payers in the State of Mississippi would pay no income tax,” said Speaker of the House Phillip Gunn, about the bill the House put together last year. “I don’t want anyone to conclude it’s the only solution out there.”

Gunn said he is willing to look at other options and ways of going about it.

“We think it’s a good starting point. That’s the reason I’m asking questions about it,” he said.

Lawmakers, for now, have no solid plan.