Leake Academy’s Dynamic Duo and Coach Amanda Hatch Join B-MO in the MO’rning (Audio)



B-MO in the MO’rning – A little over a year has passed since I walked into the hallowed halls of Joe F Shepherd Gymnasium and met Coach Amanda Hatch and her Leake Academy Rebels. I was instantly impressed and came to call them my own and as I do with all I love. I nicknamed them something that the core of the team has created and that’s a “Rebelution”! In conversations with others in the sports world, some wondered if the move to 5A from 4A would cause the defending MAIS 4A State Champs to possibly stumble or if the loss of two key seniors would affect them.

Surely a team so loaded with “younger talent” would lack the experience needed to take them to the top of a 5A State Championship, right?


These Lady Rebels are more than experienced and composed enough to handle the pressure of the task ahead and did so in a big way destroying the #3 Seed the Marvel Eagles 64-24. The Lady Rebels established themselves early taking a 22-point lead in the opening quarter and increased the lead to 39 points by halftime, 50-11. In the second half, the Lady Rebels continued to dominate as all of the players on the roster had playing time and experience playing in the overall tournament. Junior Natalie Vaughn came off the bench to lead all scorers with 5 Junction 3’s all in the 2nd half with 18 points

The Lady Rebels will take on PCS this Friday night at Joe F. Shepherd Gymnasium and will be broadcast on Boswell Media station Cruisin 98!

I had the chance to speak to the “Splash Sisters” Morgan Freeny and Miriam Prince and comments from Lady Rebel Head Coach Amanda Hatch.


Morgan Freeny talks about the starters early exit and the importance of the bench getting their minutes and cheering them on


Morgan Freeny on knowing the importance maintaining the intensity regardless of the opponent


Miriam Prince warns other programs not to underestimate the number of seniors on the team as a sign of inexperience


Miriam Prince on playing 6A programs in the games ahead


Coach Amanda Hatch on the importance of a break for the team following the intensity of the State Championships last week


Coach Amanda Hatch on the importance of the bench getting their minutes in