Leake Co. Schools Appoint Bell-Luckett to Help Kids Succeed


CARTHAGE, Miss.–You may have heard the old proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child”. Phyllis Bell-Luckett not only believes in that saying, but wants to take a step further to help get parents and the community involved in the education of kids in Leake County.

“The grades go up. Attendance increases. Students stay in school to graduate,” said Bell, in a Facebook live event with Mayor Maryann Vivians, this week.

Bell-Luckett is the new parent-community engagement specialist for the district.

“They stay in school to graduate and they also enroll in institutions of higher learning or they go into the workforce and in that workforce it’s something productive. It’s something they can raise their families on.”

Bell-Luckett said the more successful students are able to become welders or auto mechanics, or pursue other productive work, if they are encouraged.

“If y6ou look around at some of the districts that are flourishing and are growing and producing students that are entering the workforce and are doing really well, that’s the kind of community, the kind of collaboration we want to bring in.”

You can look for announcements from the district about ways Bell-Luckett plans to get people involved soon.