Leake County Correctional Facility Soars Through Level 5 Accreditation Audit and Makes History In The Process


The Leake County Correctional Facility has passed a Level 5 ACA accreditation audit, and has made history in the process. The ACA audit which takes place every three years, was initiated Monday and completed yesterday. The evaluation was conducted by auditors from throughout the country, according to Sheriff Randy Atkinson. Areas of evaluation included safety, security, order, inmate care, programs, justice, and administration. Leake County became the first correctional facility in the state of Mississippi to be evaluated at a Level 5 standard, the most thorough to date. And the results are in. The score was 100 out of 100% in mandatory categories and 99.5 out of 100% for non-mandatory categories, according to Sheriff Atkinson. He went on to say “it is a very exciting time. It is such a blessing to have everyone at the facility come together and do such an outstanding job. I told them that I just did not have words to explain how pleased I was. By the grace of God we pulled it together and it is just amazing. It was a lot of hard work by so many people here in Leake County who worked very, very hard to make it happen.”

Photos) Accreditation Ceremony at Leake County Correctional Facility Chapel