Leake Delinquent Tax Deadline – Chancery Clerk Dot Merchant In Her Own Words

From The Desk of  Leake Chancery Clerk Dot Merchant In her Own Words
A very sensitive and serious matter to me and those who work in your Chancery Clerk’s office, is when taxpayers who owe delinquent taxes are not able to pay their taxes. Their property is forfeited to someone who paid their taxes for them in a prior year’s tax sale. We work very diligently to locate all people who owe back taxes either by knocking on doors or contacting adjoining land owners to see if they might get in touch with them! Some of this property is heir property and the heirs may not be aware of taxes being due!  Some people just don’t have the money to pay and they in turn end up loosing their homes and land that they have worked so hard for all their lives!! This is heartbreaking to us!!! If anyone knows how to get in touch with someone in this position please ask them to contact us. Danielle, Beth, and I truly want these property owners to be able to save their property!!!”
The deadline is Thursday, August 27th, at 5pm.  Phone-601-267-7371