Leake Sheriff’s Department Returns Stolen Gun to Rightful Owner


We spoke with Sheriff Randy Atkinson who shared the local story of a stolen gun that went national when registered at the National Crime Information Center. The journey ended well when the gun was returned to it’s rightful owner some two years later. (see story below as told by Leake County Sheriff’s Office and shared on FB.)


Original Story from the Leake County Sheriff’s Dept – “As the story was told, in approximately 1978, Mr James Bonney was employed by a banking system in MS and held the position of Senior Vice President. During this time every Friday, Mr. Bonney and others in the banking business had to travel to other bank branches and re supply them with certain amounts of cash.

In order to protect himself, Mr. Bonney was told by his employer to find any gun he wanted and the bank would purchase it for him. Mr. Bonney soon found a Colt .45 Combat Commander. And the bank did purchase the gun for Mr. Bonney. In 2019, Mr. Bonney’s Colt handgun was stolen and the gun was placed on National Crime information Center. In 2021 the gun was recovered and Leake County Sheriff’s Department was able to return the gun to Mr. Bonney.”

Photo and Story Courtesy of Facebook – and by Permission of Sheriff Randy Atkinson.