Local “Little Miracle” is the BIG WINNER with First Financial Bank in Carthage! (Audio)


B-MO in the MO’rning – For over a decade First Financial Bank has been the home for the “World’s Biggest Christmas Stocking!

Today during a LIVE BROADCAST with B-MO, he got to witness the “littlest” (and possibly the cutest 9-month-old) winner of all time. 9-month-old Kailor was born at 25 weeks and weighed 1 lb. Her mother Jazamine Henry called Kailor “her little Christmas miracle” and was very touched to have won. For over a decade, First Financial Bank located off the corner of 35 and 16th street in Carthage has been giving away 6ft Christmas stockings filled kids’ favorites and it’s just a small part of the investment they make in caring for their community.

Branch Manager Viki Coleman mentioned during the live remote broadcast today on Kicks 96 with Brian “B-MO” Montgomery, that the bank has also began a “Letters to Santa campaign.” The first year has been steady but Coleman believes the campaign will become a community favorite.

First Financial Bank Branch Manager Viki Coleman joined B-MO on the air today from the big event and the audio is listed below. Merry Christmas and congratulations to Jazamine and Kailor and thank you to First Financial Bank located off of 35 & 16th Street at 510 MS-35 in Carthage. Visit their website here for more information, regular hours and more.


Branch Manager Viki Coleman on the success of the World’s Biggest Christmas stocking give away


Branch Manager Viki Coleman discussing the new “Letters to Santa” campaign.


Branch Manager Viki Coleman discusses the importance of investing in community and some of the ways First Financial Bank serves their clients.