Local Stores Included In Family Dollar Recall


Stores in Kosciusko and Philadelphia are among more than 400 across the South affected by a Family Dollar recall of products shipped from a rodent-infested distribution facility in Arkansas.  The FDA is working with the company on the voluntary recall involving food, pet food, cosmetics, drugs, medical devices and dietary supplements that were sold this year.  Contaminated products could carry the risk of illness caused by Salmonella.  But Family Dollar says it’s not aware of anyone becoming sick in connection with those products.

The company has notified affected stores to check their stock and discontinue sales of the items being recalled. Customers may return the products to the store for a refund.  Not all food products are included in the recall.  Family Dollar says frozen and refrigerated items shipped directly to the stores by a distributor or manufacturer are not affected. The recall involves 404 stores in six states including the location at 329 Highway 12 East in Kosciusko and the store at 800 East Main Street in Philadelphia.