Louisiana Requesting Additional Assistance


Leake County Firefighters Association received this message from the Mississippi State Fire Coordinator.

Louisiana has sent a request for assistance to Mississippi.

They are in need of water tenders (tankers) with a minimum capacity of 1,500 gallons with 2-3,000 being preferred. They are also in need of firefighters will full Personal Protective Equipment including SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus) with spare cylinders. Requested time of deployment is 14 days, but they will accept less for those unable to stay that long.

If you have personnel who are able to assist with this, PLEASE contact me so I can send you a MRP to complete for your personnel and equipment. The process has been taking anywhere from 24-48 hours after the MRP has been received for you to receive your Mission Authorization. Once you receive the Mission Authorization you are good to leave.

Firefighters must be at least Volume Cert 1. If interested, contact Tommy Malone, Director of Leake County Emergency Management Agency via email at [email protected].