Lucas Allen Turns 12 and Birthday Drive-Thru Comes Through

Lucas Allen just had a birthday. He is twelve years old. He is referred to as the fearless fighter in his Choctaw Community. Why? Lucas Allen has also had cancer, for the last three years. And it robbed him of his eyesight. But it couldn’t take his courage or his spirit. In fact he requested a family get together and birthday drive-thru this year. And boy did he get it. A couple dozen first responders from multiple counties and units including Leake and Neshoba followed through. There was the gift of the highly honored eagle feather, happy birthday pow wow song, and Chief Ben personally called too. Along with his family, classmates and friends, they all played a part in making his dream come true. It’s times like these that our community always seems to come together for the common good, and do great.
photo) courtesy MBCI