Lucky Leap Day Baby Celebrates In Style


Congratulations to our Leap Day Give Away winner Lisa Singletary, she not only got to celebrate her birthday yesterday (she was actually born on February 29th) but was also Boswell Media’s Leap Day Giveaway winner! She’ll receive $500 to spend at our sponsor locations.

To register, we invited our listeners to visit any of our sponsor locations and make a purchase of any amount and then text us a copy of their receipt. The sponsor locations rolled out some incredible discounts in celebration of the promotion, and it was a huge success.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their receipts and visited our sponsor locations:

Boddles, Attala County Co Op, Central Tire Service, Holt & Company, Honey’s Place, Kosciusko Auto Parts, L.A. Federick’s, Red Caboose Cork & Bottle, Square Floral Company, The Hunny Hole and The Sip!