Malicious Mischief and Other Arrests in Neshoba County


RICHARD L MCCRAW, 50, of Philadelphia, Possession of a Controlled Substance, NCSO.  Bond $0.


JUSTIN LARIAUS MCDONALD, 29, of Louisville, Malicious Mischief > $1,000, NCSO.  Bond $0.


CURTIS MOORE JR, 30, of Philadelphia, Serving Sentence, NCSO.  Bond $0.


BARADA LEE MURRAY, 59, of Fosters, AL, Public Drunk, Disorderly Conduct, NCSO.  Bond $600, $600.


CANDAS R RASH, 40, of Union, Disturbing the Peace, NCSO.  Bond $600.


JAVEN VERELL STEWART, 19, of Canton, Reckless Driving, NCSO.  Bond $500.


JALIQUE LASAGE WILLIAMS, 23, of Philadelphia, DUI – 1st, MHP.  Bond $1,500.


CHANON W WILSON, 24, of Philadelphia, DUI – 2nd, No License, No Insurance, Displaying Blue/Red Lights, NCSO.  Bond $2,500, $800, $800, $400.