Marty Stuart To “Light Up The Busy Bee” on Sunday and You are Invited


Marty Stuart will “light up the Busy Bee” at Busy Bee Suites in Philadelphia and you are invited. The event will take place at 434 West Beacon Street this Sunday December 6th, at 4:30 p.m.

The Community Development Partnership and the Marty Stuart Congress of Country Music are proud to host Marty Stuart in Philadelphia as he flips the switch on the Busy Bee Suites’ new neon sign. Stuart remembers the current Busy Bee Suites as the Busy Bee Café, where he first heard rhythm and blues. He describes the café as unique and stylish and a place that inspired his original goal in life.

Stuart said “the Busy Bee Café was the first place I heard rhythm and blues, saw people dancing to live music, and witnessed musicians dressed in their snappy outfits with personal style. My original goal in life was inspired by what I witnessed at the Busy Bee. I wanted to have a gold tooth like the guitar player in the Busy Bee band. I still haven’t achieved that one, but the Busy Bee is truly a part of who I am.”

The Busy Bee Suites were developed by Doug Hudson, a real estate entrepreneur and an avid country music fan who owns several pieces of the Marty Stuart collection. Hudson created the Suites with a downtown retail space and upstairs apartment units, all with the future of Philadelphia in mind.

“There was beauty not only in the building, but also in the future of the town of Philadelphia,” said Marty Stuart. “These Busy Bee Suites set the standard for more to come in our city.”

Hudson was awarded a Mississippi Main Street Hero award for his contribution to Downtown Philadelphia. The Main Street Hero award recognizes an outstanding community leader or public figure who has displayed an involved commitment to downtown and his or her Main Street program.

For more information on the Busy Bee Suites, contact Tim Moore at 601-656-1000.